Friday, March 30, 2007

The other night's dream - a scene from Six Feet Under set in a place called Corbiere. I looked Corbiere up knowing that it had something to do with the french word "corbeau" meaning "crow". La Corbiere is on Jersey, its name means "a place where crows gather".
I googled Six Feet Under and one of the first images is a closeup of a crow, the main image from the opening graphics.
Crows - symbols of death of course.
The shore that I dreamt of made me think of the painting The Isle of The Dead by Arnold Böcklin.
The Union soldier - an image from years ago.
The father in the dream is now dead.
So a dream rich with death imagery which I only became conscious of when I looked up these words.
I have no idea what the death symbolism means within this dream . Strange these mysterious connections that are made within us quite independently of our conscious selves.


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