Sunday, April 15, 2007

Images of the Dreamdiary exhibition at the Dock.

The audience sits in the settee and looks up the stairs to watch the projected images of the dreams. My voice narrates each picture, the sound relayed through concealed speakers built into the upholstered sound booth. Sequences of fourteen dreams are changed every fortnight. An archive of the year's dreams is printed out in small handmade books - one book for each month.

This exhibition runs until 31st January 2008. It will be developing throughout the year, incorporating dreams from the Carrick public. All work will be posted on this blog.

I'm looking for somewhere to continue the project next year. so if you know of anywhere suitable to host the work please let me know.

Friday, March 30, 2007

The other night's dream - a scene from Six Feet Under set in a place called Corbiere. I looked Corbiere up knowing that it had something to do with the french word "corbeau" meaning "crow". La Corbiere is on Jersey, its name means "a place where crows gather".
I googled Six Feet Under and one of the first images is a closeup of a crow, the main image from the opening graphics.
Crows - symbols of death of course.
The shore that I dreamt of made me think of the painting The Isle of The Dead by Arnold Böcklin.
The Union soldier - an image from years ago.
The father in the dream is now dead.
So a dream rich with death imagery which I only became conscious of when I looked up these words.
I have no idea what the death symbolism means within this dream . Strange these mysterious connections that are made within us quite independently of our conscious selves.

Monday, January 22, 2007


I have regular dreams where I am conscious of the difficulty of moving around. It is as if gravity has to be conjured up to be able to walk or run as you do in waking life. I imagine that's what it is like being autistic where other people are functioning efficiently and you do your best to copy them but you miss out something essential.
I was close to flying this time, gliding just inches above the ground. No euphoria or anything like that - I was lost after all as I so often am in the dreams, but there was a satisfying feeling nevertheless.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Throughout 2007 the Dream Diary will be showing as an installation at the Dock, an art gallery in Carrick on Shannon, Ireland. The images will be projected one after the other on the staircase wall, the descriptions narrated from speakers set into a specially constructed settee. The Dream Diary is set to run for the whole year, showing my dreams from 1st January to 31st December. I'm aiming to project just 14 dreams at a time, sending new DVD's of the work every fortnight. There will be a book on display which will contain all of the year's dreams so far with additional notes.

Alongside that will be a number of other related projects working with the local general public and bringing in people like You who are viewing the work via the internet. I have been thinking about putting together a questionnaire around people's experience of their own dream life. I've come across a few on the internet which make fascinating reading (see aliquinte as an example), but most of these researchers themselves admit that those partaking in their surveys were people who already had a professional or particular interest in dream study. The exhibition provides me with an opportunity to contact a wider range of people.

Well there we go- I'm hoping that by setting up this blogsite parallel to my DreamDiary I will encourage some level of dialogue and start to have a clue about who some of you are.