Sunday, January 21, 2007


Throughout 2007 the Dream Diary will be showing as an installation at the Dock, an art gallery in Carrick on Shannon, Ireland. The images will be projected one after the other on the staircase wall, the descriptions narrated from speakers set into a specially constructed settee. The Dream Diary is set to run for the whole year, showing my dreams from 1st January to 31st December. I'm aiming to project just 14 dreams at a time, sending new DVD's of the work every fortnight. There will be a book on display which will contain all of the year's dreams so far with additional notes.

Alongside that will be a number of other related projects working with the local general public and bringing in people like You who are viewing the work via the internet. I have been thinking about putting together a questionnaire around people's experience of their own dream life. I've come across a few on the internet which make fascinating reading (see aliquinte as an example), but most of these researchers themselves admit that those partaking in their surveys were people who already had a professional or particular interest in dream study. The exhibition provides me with an opportunity to contact a wider range of people.

Well there we go- I'm hoping that by setting up this blogsite parallel to my DreamDiary I will encourage some level of dialogue and start to have a clue about who some of you are.


Blogger charlotte said...

I recuringly dream of cumbersome aeroplanes sqeezing through buildings, or dealing with massive piles of luggage at airports, but sometimes I dream I just take off and fly around for a bit!
You must be Robin from Bower Ashton circa 79 to 82? Greetings from Charlotte.

4:04 PM  
Blogger Guy Burch said...

I had a dream that you were the Robin Whitemoore who exhibited at Brixton Art Galley. If so make my dream come true and email me... am on the web
Guy Burch

9:05 AM  
Blogger Guy Burch said...

I dreamt you were the Robin whitemore who exhibited at Brixton Art Gallery in the early 1980s? If so make my dream come true amd msg me ... i'm on the web
Guy Burch

9:06 AM  
Blogger *Tallulah La Ghash* said...

HI, your Blog is great - I have an online dream diary too, maybe you would like to check it out: It may look a little bit 'glitzy', but bear with it, I have poor design taste, but take my dream exploration very seriously, which is why I found your work so interesting. I will keep following your Blog, as I am fascinated by the experiences of other oneironauts. Tallulah La Ghash x

9:26 PM  

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